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Published Papers

Madimenos FC, Liebert MA, Cepon-Robins TJ, Snodgrass JJ, and Sugiyama LS. 2015. Determining osteoporosis risk in older Colono adults from rural Amazonian Ecuador using calcaneal ultrasonometry. American Journal of Human Biology 27, in press.


Cepon TJ, Liebert MA, Gildner TE, Urlacher SS, Colehour AM, Snodgrass JJ, Madimenos FC, and Sugiyama LS. 2014. Soil-transmitted helminth prevalence and infection intensity among geographically and economically distinct Shuar communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Journal of Parasitology, in press. (link to article)

Colehour AM, Meadow JF, Liebert MA, Cepon-Robins TJ, Gildner TE, Urlacher SS, Bohannan BJM, Snodgrass JJ, and Sugiyama LS. 2014. Local domestication of lactic acid bacteria via cassava beer fermentation. PeerJ 2:e479. (link to article)

Liebert MA, Snodgrass JJ, Blackwell AD, Madimenos FC, Cepon TJ, and Sugiyama LS. 2013. Implications of market integration for cardiovascular and metabolic health among an indigenous Amazonian Ecuadorian population. Annals of Human Biology 20: 228-242.
(Note: This article won the 2014 Nick Norgan Award for the best paper published in Annals of Human Biology during 2013) (link to article)

Walker RS, Beckerman S, Flinn MV, Gurven M, von Rueden CR, Kramer KL, Greaves RD, Cordoba L, Villar Diego, Hagen EH, Koster JM, Sugiyama LS, Hunter TE, and Hill KR.  2013. Living with kin in lowland horticultural societies. Current Anthropology 54: 96-103. (link to article)
Madimenos FC, Snodgrass JJ, Liebert MA, Cepon TJ, and Sugiyama LS.
2012. Reproductive effects on skeletal health in Shuar women of Amazonian Ecuador: A life history perspective. American Journal of Human Biology 24: 841-852. (link to article)

McDade TW, Tallman PS, Madimenos FC, Liebert MA, Cepon TJ, Sugiyama LS, and Snodgrass JJ. 2012. Analysis of variability of high sensitivity C-reactive protein in lowland Ecuador reveals no evidence of chronic low-grade inflammation. American Journal of Human Biology 24: 675-681 (link to article)

Madimenos FC, Snodgrass JJ, Blackwell AB, Liebert MA, and Sugiyama LS. 2011.Physical activity in an indigenous Ecuadorian forager-horticulturalist population as measured using accelerometry. American Journal of Human Biology 23: 488-497.

Madimenos FC, Snodgrass JJ, Blackwell AB, Liebert MA, Cepon TJ, and Sugiyama LS. 2011. Normative calcaneal quantitative ultrasound data for the indigenous Shuar and non-Shuar Colonos of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Archives of Osteoporosis 6: 39-49. (link to article)

Blackwell AD, Gurven MD, Sugiyama LS, Madimenos FC, Liebert MA, Martin MA, Kaplan HS, and Snodgrass JJ. 2011. Evidence for a peak shift in a humoral response to helminths: Age profiles of IgE in the Shuar of Ecuador, the Tsimane of Bolivia, and the U.S. NHANES. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 5: e1218. pdf

Blackwell, AD, Snodgrass, JJ., Madimenos, FC. and Sugiyama, LS. 2010 Life history, immune function, and intestinal helminths: trade-offs among immunoglobulin E, C-reactive protein, and growth in an Amazonian population. American Journal of Human Biology 22: 836-848.

Blackwell AD, Pryor III G, Pozo J, Tiwia W, and Sugiyama LS. 2009. Growth and market integration in Amazonia: A comparison of growth indicators between Shuar, Shiwiar, and nonindigenous school children. American Journal of Human Biology 21:161-171.